It's a Shakespeare fest – It's a Bardathon!

Bardathon – all of Shakespeare’s plays as produced by the BBC

We are setting sail on an intrepid journey via Verona and Venice, from Royal Palaces out across Tempest tossed seas, from Denmark to Egypt, and most places in between.

Our guide is the Bard himself, playwright extraordinaire, William Shakespeare. Our method of transport? The BBC Box Set of all the masters plays.

In 1978 the British Broadcasting Corporation set out to produce versions of every Shakespeare play, seven years and 38 discs later they succeeded (well ok it wouldn’t have been discs back in the seventies and eighties but you get the idea).

So what is our itinerary? I hear you ask.

After much debate about whether to watch the plays in the order they were written, a topic of much debate in itself, or to go with the order they were filmed, we went with the latter – at least there were no doubts about the order, plus it mixes up the genres quite nicely.

So if you are ready to join us on our Shakespeare adventure welcome aboard!


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